Greens promise to build heavy rail link

The Greens have committed to building the Epping to Parramatta rail line. The Greens’ plan is possible, affordable, and essential for the economic and social wellbeing of northwest Sydney. The line will result in access to high quality jobs and will dramatically reduce car movements and travel times for commuters.


Greens candidates from Northern Sydney and Parramatta joined Greens’ MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi at Epping Station today to celebrate the Greens’ commitment to keeping the Epping to Chatswood line connected to the Sydney Trains network, and extending it to Parramatta.

This commitment forms a key part of the Greens’ strong and costed plan for transport in NSW, which is aimed at getting cars off roads in favour of an integrated network of heavy and light rail, and bicycle and bus lanes.

Parramatta Greens’ candidate Phil Bradley said, “The Epping to Parramatta train link is critical to boosting jobs growth in Western Sydney.

“The Greens’ commitment to building this link is evidence of the fact that we are serious about creating more jobs in the West,” Mr Bradley said.

Epping candidate, Emma Heyde, said, “the Greens see the Epping-Chatswood line as the backbone of jobs growth in Northern Sydney – to close it for seven months will be a disaster for small business owners and the customers they rely on.”

“There is no business case for closing and downgrading the line. The Greens will keep it fully operational and in public hands,” Ms Heyde said.

Greens’ candidate for Ryde, Justin Alick said, “Making the Epping to Chatswood line incompatible with the rest of the network is part of a plan to privatise large sections of the CityRail network.

“The majority of those who know about the Government’s plan to close, destandardise and privatise the our railway line are overwhelmingly against it,” Mr Alick said.

Greens’ candidate for Lane Cove, Pierre Masse, said “The Greens’ commitment to building the Epping to Parramatta rail line means that people on the Lower North Shore will be able to access jobs and education opportunities in the growth area of Western Sydney as well as the city.

“Instead of sinking more money into toll roads which makes traffic worse, the Greens’ have a long-term infrastructure plan which will be a source of high-quality jobs,” Mr Masse said.

The Greens’ candidate for Hornsby, Dr John Storey, said, “People in Northern Sydney expect and deserve an efficient train network. Building the Epping to Parramatta line is part of the Greens’ vision of a low-carbon economy and a world-class public transport system.”

Greens’ candidate for Davidson, David Sentinella, said “We are serious about tackling climate change, and the announcement that the Greens are committed to an integrated, efficient and extensive network of public transport in Northern Sydney delivers on this promise.

“The Greens’ plan will keep cars off already congested roads,” Mr Sentinella said.

The Greens’ plan comes after the release of the response to the submissions to the NSW Government’s proposal to close and convert the Epping to Chatswood line has been released. Out of all the public submissions, only ten per cent expressed support for closing the Epping to Chatswood rail line.

Be my divestment Valentine!

What’s the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? By promising to love a clean, green, renewable future – and eating cake!
Divestment Day is all about getting money out of fossil fuels and instead planning for a renewably-based econommy and Beecroft got behind the movement with a Valentine’s Day event.
Wies Schuringa from the Religious Society of Friends spoke about some of the actions many of Australia’s faith groups have taken to divest their money from banks and superannuation funds that have investments in fossil fuels.
Michael Bianchino from the Save Beecroft-Cheltenham Alliance spoke about recent government backing for coal mines on the Liverpool plains.
Dr John Kaye MLC pointed out that divesting from fossil fuels meant freeing up investment which could be used to fund clean energy projects.
Greens’ Ryde candidate Justin Alick used the occasion to talk about how coal seam gas has impacted people close to him, and how the divestment movement provided an exciting opportunity for people to make their desire for a renewably powered economy heard.
Everyone’s hero, Superannuation Man, provided a personal insight into how to go about divesting, and why individuals might consider moving their money from banks and superannuation funds that have money in coal and coal seam gas – and Coal Head Man didn’t have a word in response!
 Read about divestment in a paper by The Australia Instutute
 See what divestment is about here

Talking trains at Beecroft Station

There is very significant support amongst regular train travelers for the policy of keeping the Epping-Chatswood train line in private hands.

Commuters so not support the closure and downgrading of the line, which will mean a journey with at least two stops between the Epping area and the city.

The Epping-Chatswood link was finished in 2009 and cost $2 billion. The Greens’ policy is for the line to remain in public hands.

Read Greens’ Transport Spokesperson Dr Mehreen Faruqi’s media release on the campaign  Click here  

Speaking for the trees

Who speaks for the trees?

The pressures of development, the 10/50 vegetation clearing code, and the ETTT and North West Rail Link are having a devastating combined effect on our urban forest.

To highlight the issue, we delivered a Valentine’s Day card calling on the local member, Greg Smith MP, to preserve Epping’s trees and repeal 10/50.

Join the new group Stop the Chop see their Facebook page    here

See Greens’ Local Government Spokesperson David Shoebridge’s resources for communities fighting 10/50  Click here

Talking trains at Cheltenham

Greens’ candidate for Epping, Emma Heyde, talked to commuters at Cheltenham station this morning. The topic on everyone’s minds was the closure and ‘gifting’ of the Epping-Chatswood line to private interests.
Cheltenham is Emma’s ‘home’ station – she’s normally on the train rather than watching it go past. Along with everyone else, Emma will be changing trains twice to get into the city if the government goes ahead with plans to shut the service. Read a full report here

Summer Breakfast

Greens candidates Emma Heyde for Epping and Justin Alick for Ryde held a campaign launch on Sunday. As you can see the event was really well attended. Click here for a full report. The event was held at Emma’s house in Cheltenham. Emma comment afterwards was ” It was a real Green event we only had half a bin of rubbish which couldn’t be recycled !! ”


Community unites to save Epping-Chatswood line


Residents and community groups were out in force to call of the government to save to Epping to Chatswood rail line from being downgraded to a single deck driverless metro system which would be then ‘gifted’ to a private corporation to operate.
The crowd included people from Dural, Cherrybrook, Pennant Hills, Beecroft, Cheltenham, Epping, Marsfield, Carlingford and Macquarie Park.

The group heard from Greens’ Upper House MP, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, about the community campaign in Newcastle to stop the line being cut before it reaches the city. Dr Faruqi drew parallels between the Newcastle community’s actions and the efforts by residents and community groups in the Epping and Ryde areas to save the line from downgrade and privatisation.

Save Beecroft-Cheltenham Alliance spokesperson, Michael Bianchino, pointed out that when elected, there was no mention by the government of a sub-standard metro only service for the North West, nor was there any mention of the downgrading of the Epping-Chastwood line.

Kent Ross, President of the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic Trust condemned the poor representation the area has had from its elected representatives, and urged people to think carefully about their vote in the March 28 state election.

Greens’ Epping state election candidate, Emma Heyde, reminded people of the 2009 opening of the line. Commuters were allowed to travel free for a period to encourage people to use the line. The response was overwhelming. The line has brought enormous prosperity and growth to the Macquarie University and Macquarie Park areas.

We will be organising actions at stations along the line, including Beecroft, Cheltenham Epping again, Macquarie University, Macquarie Park and North Ryde. Dates and times will be posted soon.

Please get in touch to join in the campaign to save our vital rail service.

For Mehreen Faruqi’s campaign click here

For the Beecroft-Cheltenham Civic trust page click here
For the Beecroft Cheltenham Alliance Facebook page click here
For Epping candidate Emma Heyde’s Facebook page click here and campaign Click here
for Ryde candidate Justin Alick’s Facebook page click here and campaign click here


The Northern District Times provided some good coverage of the event

Door knocking for a Clean, Fairer, Better Ryde

The 2 Justin's , Justin Field on the left and Justin Alick on the right

Team Ryde including our Ryde candidate Justin Alick got out and about around TG Millner Park in Marsfield last weekend doorknocking local residents to talk about our plans for a cleaner, fairer, better Ryde.

We were fortunate to be joined by one of our Greens’ Upper House candidates Justin Field. The two Justin’s formed a really great team especially as they are both country boys from rural Queensland. Justin Field is originally from rural Queensland where his family owned a small farm – compulsorily acquired by the Queensland government to make way for a shale oil project.

Justin is a former Army Intelligence Officer and has also worked as a political advisor. He has been and energetic campaigner against coal seam gas mining and instrumental in forging alliances between concerned city communities and farmers bearing the brunt of the explosion of fracking and drilling.

Keen to work with all groups and communities to work for a cleaner, fairer and greener NSW, Justin is spending time campaigning across the state where he is universally acknowledged as a highly effective campaigner and a voice for compassion and inclusion.

It was great to have Justin campaigning with us in Ryde.

You can also donate to our local campaigns & candidates

For Emma Heyde EPPING

For Justin Alick RYDE.

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