North Epping Fair

Our stall with the team

Emma Heyde Greens candidate for Epping at the fair

Thanks to community supporters, Bendigo Bank, for the opportunity to have a stall at the North Epping Fair.

Our focus was renewables, and our beautiful new banner (thanks BD!) set the tone: the future is Green!

We made made contact with people interested in solar panels as a viable way of reducing carbon emissions and power bills. We also did some planning for the December meeting of the Ryde-Epping Greens when we’ll be hearing from speakers involved in refugee issues, including members of Bennelong for Refugees.

Along the way, a lot of strawberries and mouthfuls of choc-cherry slice were consumed. Can’t wait for the 2015 fair!

Immediate moratorium on 10/50 tree clearing code

Photo courtesy Michael Bianchino.

Photo courtesy Michael Bianchino.

The Code was introduced by the Liberal government ostensibly to deal with the threat of bushfires, however there is no evidence that removing mature trees in metropolitan Sydney reduces the risk of fire in any way whatsoever.

In fact, by removing invaluable shade and habitat trees and reducing them to mulch, the effects of global warming are amplified. Global warming has been predicted to increase the frequency and intensity of fires.

The 10/50 code overrides tree preservation orders and development consent  conditions with no requirement to seek permission or even advise the local Council.

The 10/50 code also allows clearing of threatened species and ecological communities that would otherwise be protected under NSW laws. It even overrides state protection for rainforest, wetlands and koala habitat.

The Ryde-Epping Greens’ submission to the RFS review of the 10/50 Code calls for an immediate moratorium on clearing under 10/50, and an independent review of the effects and use of the Code.

The submission also calls for communities to be able to opt out of 10/50 entitlement areas.

Ryde Epping Greens 1050 submission

More details about making a submission are here and a link to the Rural Fire Service here Changes to 10/50 vegetation clearing – NSW Rural Fire Service

Individual donations to assist the Ryde Epping Greens promote its policies and campaigns locally are most welcome. Cheques together with your full name & contact details can be posted to: Ryde Epping Greens, PO Box 1037, Epping NSW 1710. You can also donate to the Greens NSW.

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