Our last stall in 2014 at West Ryde

Last Saturday was our last stall in 2014. We visited the new plaza in West Ryde between Coles and Woolworths. We were spreading the message about 100% renewable energy and the terrible impacts from burning coal. As you can see we were also getting into the festive spirit and enjoying ourselves.


The team at Ryde-Epping Greens would like to thank all our hard-working volunteers for helping us to have a very active and successful year in 2014.  We would also like to thank all our volunteers and supporters for spreading the word about Greens values.  Let’s hope 2015 will bring more progress towards a clean, green future, free from violence, inequity and injustice.

City Greens stand with farmers

Jeremy Buckingham, the NSW Greens spokesperson for Mining and Agriculture launched his Responsible Mining (Protecting Land, Water and Communities) Bill in Ryde, in a joint event with Ryde candidate, Justin Alick and Lane Cove candidate Pierre Masse.  Lane Cove is the electorate of the Minister for Resources, Anthony Roberts.

Successive Governments have seen mining and coal seam gas encroach on our agricultural lands, communities, and environment.  Securing agricultural land and water supplies to produce high quality food means prioritising food production and clean water supplies over the rights of extractive industries like mining.

The Responsible Mining Bill offers a clear alternative to the Coalition Government’s failed Strategic Regional Land Use Policy which ignores the Liberal and National Party’s own election commitment to implement protections for those places where mining and other extractive industries simply should not occur.

Jeremy Buckingham said, “If a mining corporation can’t guarantee that a mine won’t ruin a community then it doesn’t go ahead. What we’ve seen again and again is a few jobs and short term gain from mines but long term ruined land, water, and terrible health consequences for the community.

“The right to have a say should be handed back to communities. The Greens believe that politicians should be completely removed from the granting of exploration licenses because that process has been run by a small cabal of corrupt people who handed themselves licenses to get rich.

“The city is standing with farmers to say we want clean energy and we want clean food.”

Hello Cherrybrook

Ryde Epping Greens decided to “Celebrate being Green” at Cherrybrook shopping centre last Saturday.  Barbara, Jill and Amy took along the ELF, the latest type of electric bike from California. Epping candidate Emma Heyde said  ” we are here to show the residents of Cherrybrook what a clean green future can look like”.  Cherrybrook is now part of the Epping state electorate and it was good opportunity to meet people in Cherrybrook and find out what issues concern them. Rest assured Emma and the team will be back during the coming election campaign.

Individual donations to assist the Ryde Epping Greens promote its policies and campaigns locally are most welcome. Cheques together with your full name & contact details can be posted to: Ryde Epping Greens, PO Box 1037, Epping NSW 1710. You can also donate to the Greens NSW.

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