Eastwood Mall stall

Ryde Epping Greens held another great stall event last Saturday. We had one of the largest roll up of supporters we have ever seen. We were campaigning for 100% renewable energy for NSW. There was a really positive reaction from residents and shoppers. Both of our candidates Justin Alick ( Ryde ) and Emma Heyde ( Epping) were out and about answering questions from voters.


Ryde Epping Greens campaign launch

Ryde Epping Greens kicked off their campaign for the NSW State 2015 election with an event for members and supporters at Eastwood Oval on Sunday 3rd August. A picture tells a thousand words and you can see that the event was well supported and great fun with a solar barbecue cooking the sausages and a Greens cake to finish.







Most importantly members had the opportunity to meet and hear from Emma Heyde and Justin Alick our two candidates for Epping and Ryde.

Emma told us ” I feel really good when I put on the Greens’ t-shirt with its slogan on the back, ‘Standing up for what matters’. It’s because it’s always been the case that the Greens stand up for what matters. No matter what the polls say or whether it makes headlines or not, the Greens’ principles of fairness and equality, sustainability, and peace and nonviolence underpin the Greens’ approach to every issue. ”

Justin ended his speech with a passionate call to action ” Together, friends, we will change Ryde, we will change the Government, and we will send a powerful message to the new Government that when change happens in Ryde, it won’t be done to the people, but by the people and for the people! There is so much you can do to help me and help yourselves get to where we need to be. Basically, it all comes down to spreading the word, getting people to listen, and convincing them that now is the time to give the Greens a go. Because a cleaner, fairer, better Ryde is worth fighting for!”

Their full speeches and our press release are attached below.

Justin Alick campaign launch speech 030814

Emma Heyde campaign launch speech 030814

Press Release -Candidate-Announcement-040814 (1)

Individual donations to assist the Ryde Epping Greens promote its policies and campaigns locally are most welcome. Cheques together with your full name & contact details can be posted to: Ryde Epping Greens, PO Box 1037, Epping NSW 1710. You can also donate to the Greens NSW.

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