Bennelong campaign gets active

As you can see from the pictures the campaign is in full swing. We have stalls scheduled for every Saturday up until election day. We will be phone banking volunteers as well as voters. If you want to make a difference and ” Stand up for what matters” why not volunteer to help us. Just click on the volunteer button in the right hand panel.





ABC Vote Compass

The ABC have launched their 2016 Vote Compass and already over 250,000 Australians have had a go. If you are reading this post you may already feel you know which way you will vote. Even so its worth a go to register your view and also to see how the parties stack up on various policy areas.

The ABC has already reported their first results for Vote Compass. For Coalition voters the Economy is the top issue, for Labor voters its Education and for Greens voters its the Environment.      ABC Vote Compass – record your views here



The road to a better world begins in Bennelong


Check out Justin’s post from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Justin Alick, Greens candidate for Bennelong in the coming Federal Election is calling on people to “think globally and act locally, by voting Green in 2016″.

Climate change and inequality are two issues that are close to Mr. Alick’s heart – but he doesn’t just talk about it, he takes direct action.

Justin is currently in rural Vietnam as part of his work as a manager of international aid projects. See a short video from Justin in Vietnam in the link above. He helps the rural poor to modify or diversify their income streams, to help them cope with the impacts of climate change.

“Most of the people I support in the Asian region have little-to-no ability to influence global warming, but they are going to be impacted by it the hardest,” said Justin. He cites increasing soil salinity, changing weather patterns, and record decreases in agricultural productivity in the Mekong Delta as impacts that were already being felt.

“On the other hand, Australia is a rich country with huge renewable energy potential. Yet we have a government that is ignoring the huge opportunities available and is cutting back on aid to our neighbours, while propping up a failing coal industry at the cost of billions.”

“From where I’m standing, politicians are playing games when it comes to climate change. We need strong and urgent action instead.”

Justin decided to run as a Federal candidate for the Greens because of their strong policy platform. He is also frustrated with what he sees as a destructive bipartisan agenda by the “old parties.” When he returns to Australia he intends to share his experiences with the residents of Bennelong and call on the federal government to do more to reduce greenhouse emissions and limit the impact of climate change.

“People I meet tell me they think Australia is becoming unfair, unkind, and unsustainable. The upcoming Federal Election is an opportunity for us to do something about it,” he said.

Justin stood as the Greens candidate for Ryde in the 2015 NSW State Election. He is a Ryde resident and part-time postgraduate student at Macquarie University.


Three electorates unite in call for action on heat and pollution

Candidates Emma Heyde(Berowra) and Phil Bradley (Parramatta) celebrated Mother Earth Day in Epping by calling on local government to make tree planting a priority.

Justin Alick candidate for Bennelong, is away in Vietnam managing aid projects but sent his support saying, “We’ve just had a record hot March, and April’s going to set another heat record. It’s essential we do everything we can to make our suburbs cooler.

“The massive apartment developments across Epping and Ryde mean more concrete and more glass. That all equals more heat. ”

“I’m calling on local councils to make tree planting a priority. Thousands more people will be calling Epping and Ryde home, and we must have an urban forest strategy that manages the heat we face with a changing climate.”

“One mature tree does the work of ten air conditioners over one year,” Justin said.

Greens candidate for Parramatta, Phil Bradley, said, “Trees filter toxic particulates and dust from the air, which is vital given the level of truck movements expected from developments being built around Carlingford, and the many new high rise buildings proposed for Parramatta.”

Greens candidate for Berowra, Emma Heyde, said, “NorthConnex is being built without filtrations on the two stacks. It’s going to be spewing out massive volumes of toxic diesel fuel particulates in huge plumes that is likely to affect Beecroft, Pennant Hills, Thornleigh and Westleigh.

“We know that trees help reduce the amount of particulate matter in the air. One mature tree can filter 27kg of pollutants from the air in one year.

“Hornsby Council needs to undertake a massive planting program across Berowra,” Emma said.


Justin Alick: Janet Ellis 0400 498 454

Phil Bradley: 0425 265 170

Emma Heyde 0403 589 722




Fossil Fools Day

The greens campaign team for Berowra led by candidate Emma Hyde had some fun today whilst sending an important message that we need to move away from using fossil fuels like coal. The team campaigned across the electorate and delivered petitions to Philip Ruddock for Berowra and to John Alexander for Bennelong. The evil Mr Coalhead made a surprise appearance but was soundly beaten by the strong arguments put forward by Emma.

Ryde Epping Greens in Granny Smith Parade

Ryde Epping Greens marched in the Granny Smith festival on Saturday supporting the Greens NSW campaign ” Farms not Coal”. The march came in the week when the Federal Govt re-approved the Adani coal mine in Queensland. A dark day for Australia. We were supported by 4 Greens MP’s. John Kaye, MLC who joined us in the march and Senator Lee Rhiannon and MLC’s Mehreen Faruqi and David Shoebridge who joined us at our stall in the festival.

It was a great day with over 25 supporters helping out. The evil Mr Coal joined in the march but was clearly overwhelmed by the charms of our Koala who clearly won the hearts of local residents especially the little ones.

If you are concerned about the continued use of fossil fuels and the impacts this is having on our climate why not join our group. Most importantly keep Saturday November 29th free for the Peoples Climate March in the Domain in Sydney. This march is designed to send a message to the politicians representing us in Paris in December when the world decides if it is really going to finally reduce carbon emissions and take climate change seriously. Register here to join the march.












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