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Tony Adams has been nominated as the Greens candidate for the seat of Bennelong in the upcoming 2022 Federal election. Please follow this link for more information.
David Shoebridge is our Senate candidate for NSW. Please follow this link for more information.
For more information on our federal election platform please follow this link.
For advice on How To Vote, please download this document.


Ryde-Epping Greens is the local Greens group for people living in and around Ryde and Epping.

More broadly, the Australian Greens are a political party based on four key principles:

  • Ecological sustainability
  • Grassroots democracy
  • Social justice
  • Peace and non-violence

We have the courage to put people and our future first, with meaningful and smart solutions to ensure future generations of Australians have clean air, clean water and clean soil. The Greens are also working in many other areas to champion integrity, decency and fairness.

As well as representing constituents, The Greens speak on behalf of those who wouldn’t otherwise get much of a say inside parliament: children, refugees, students, individuals and families living in poverty and, of course, our natural environment.

Ryde-Epping Greens office holders

  • Cosmin Luca (Convenor)
  • Lindsay Peters (Treasurer)
  • Matt Palmer (Membership Officer)

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Other local groups in NSW

Local Greens groups have responsibility for elections held in their area, particularly elections for the house of representatives, NSW legislative assembly and local government. There are over 50 local groups throughout NSW. The Greens NSW are affiliated with the Australian Greens, which in turn is part of the Global Greens network.

Learn more about The Greens NSW and Australian Greens

Head to The Greens NSW website to learn about the party’s constitution, other local groups, parliamentary representatives, The Greens in local government, campus Greens and The Greens NSW contact details. Also visit the Australian Greens website to learn more about the party at a national level.

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