Peoples Climate March

Over 45,000 concerned citizens joined together in Sydney last Sunday on the Peoples Climate March to send a message of support to all those gathered in Paris to negotiate binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and keep global warming below 2 degrees. As Tim Flannery said “Its late but not too late.”  Lets hope the worlds politicians can reach consensus on really deep reductions.

As you can see The Greens played a key role in the march and our local group was also well represented.


Celebrate the power of community! Sunday 29 November 10am

Great Big Breakfast

Come with your picnic and your best French-themed outfit and enjoy brunch with your friends and neighbours at the Big Beecroft Climate Brunch on the Beecroft Village Green (Beecroft Road)

Send a powerful message that communities demand strong action on climate change – and enjoy music, games and prizes.

With world leaders meeting in Paris on the day of the picnic, communities from around the world will be active and loud in their desire for a bright future for our grandchildren. Come along and join them!

Catch the train into the city at the end of the picnic to join The People’s Climate March 1pm in the Domain.

Ryde Epping Greens in Granny Smith Parade

Ryde Epping Greens marched in the Granny Smith festival on Saturday supporting the Greens NSW campaign ” Farms not Coal”. The march came in the week when the Federal Govt re-approved the Adani coal mine in Queensland. A dark day for Australia. We were supported by 4 Greens MP’s. John Kaye, MLC who joined us in the march and Senator Lee Rhiannon and MLC’s Mehreen Faruqi and David Shoebridge who joined us at our stall in the festival.

It was a great day with over 25 supporters helping out. The evil Mr Coal joined in the march but was clearly overwhelmed by the charms of our Koala who clearly won the hearts of local residents especially the little ones.

If you are concerned about the continued use of fossil fuels and the impacts this is having on our climate why not join our group. Most importantly keep Saturday November 29th free for the Peoples Climate March in the Domain in Sydney. This march is designed to send a message to the politicians representing us in Paris in December when the world decides if it is really going to finally reduce carbon emissions and take climate change seriously. Register here to join the march.












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