Greens NSW Transport forum

Greens NSW MP Mehreen Faruqi

Last Thursday over 70 concerned citizens attended a public transport forum in Epping and heard Dr Mehreen Faruqi Greens NSW MP tell us that “for too long, the transport agenda in NSW has been dominated by building massive new polluting toll roads and privatising our existing transport system”.

Mehreen called for “serious investment in publicly owned integrated public transport across our state” and announced that “The Greens have a plan to transform transport in NSW – to meet the needs of people and the environment well into the future”.

The audience then heard from Greens Federal Senator Lee Rhiannon who called for “everyone to get active because change only occurs when concerned citizens let the politicians know how they feel and what they want”.

The final speaker, Gavin Gatenby from Eco Transit provided some interesting ideas on how relatively small investments in new park and ride hubs could make a huge difference to traffic volumes and shorten commuting times from the suburbs.

Senator Lee Rhiannon

Gavin Gatenby Eco Transit

Want to find out more or to take up Lee Rhiannon’s challenge to get involved? Click here

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