Federal Campaign Policies 2017 By-election

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The Greens: Standing up for What Matters

Our vision for Bennelong

The Greens vision for Bennelong

·         “Safe from climate change.”

o    “Let’s stop the Adani coal mine and promote renewable energy.”

·         “Free from corruption.”

o    “Let’s establish a national anti-corruption body.”

·         “Smart and prosperous.”

o    “Let’s make higher education affordable and our economy strong.”  

·         “Fair and compassionate.”

o    “Let’s stand up for human rights, including the right to an affordable home.”

·         “Bennelong first.”

o    “Together, we can protect our bushland and community from overdevelopment.” 

A resilient economy that works for everyone

Raise the revenue we need

To help us fund world-class public services, the Greens will get rid of unfair and inefficient tax breaks for the big polluters and the extremely wealthy, make our tax system more progressive, and shift taxation on to social and environmental harms, like pollution.

Decarbonise the economy

The Greens will phase-out the fossil fuels-sector and grow clean, high-value industries while helping workers and communities through the transition. We will create tens of thousands of jobs and stimulate the economy, while looking beyond GDP towards more accurate ways of measuring our national progress.

Invest for the future

While private-sector debt is at dangerous levels, there has never been a better time for public borrowing to fund public infrastructure, such as public transport, renewable energy production and storage, and freight-rail. We will create an Australian Infrastructure Bank in support of this.

Moving away from boom and bust

We will keep deficits at around 3% GDP to ensure resilience in times of global economic instability. We will shift our economic focus away from short-term “sugar rushes”, and parasitic growth industries, towards industries that help us to grow sustainably more prosperous and provide decent work opportunities.

Budgets should reduce inequality

Inequality is unacceptably high, and the Greens will seek to reduce it so that our economy remains strong and sustainable. We will require that budgets be accompanied by an ‘inequality impact’ statement. We will also seek to return Australia to full-employment levels, including by redistributing work within the economy.