Local Government Candidates

Meet your local Green Candidates for the 2017 Ryde Council Elections

Edwina Clifton, Central Ward:

Edwina is a local resident, mother, and barrister specialising in Family Law

“Renewables are the future for energy production – and what a great future it will be!  I want to see Ryde embrace this opportunity at a local level, with rebates, loans and concessions to encourage uptake, research into micro-grids and batteries as community options and the focus on creating jobs locally in this rapidly growing industry.

I want to protect our local parks, green-spaces, bushland and the historical sites of Ryde.

New housing and developments are needed – absolutely – but developments need to be controlled so that they don’t impact on people’s quality of life and sense of community and connection.

Height restrictions on multi-storey builds, no overshadowing of family homes and parks and no encroachment into our precious bushland. “

Christopher Gordon, East Ward: 

Christopher is a prominent Australian composer and a proud Gladesville resident of eleven years.

“I am passionate about the arts and arts education, local heritage, green spaces, science and pure research, accessible education for all, mental health and homelessness.

“I want to maintain our village communities. I am not against development; it is the planning that matters, the integration of modern sustainable city living with the amazing parklands and bush that have been saved in this ward (often by dynamic local residents), the relieving of traffic congestion with improved public transport and bikeways; city planning that improves the community’s quality of life rather than the pockets of developers.

“I believe there is a lot that can be achieved at council level in the areas of renewable energy and affordable housing; if we wait for the Federal and State governments, these issues might never be tackled.”

Meet your local Green Candidate for the 2017 Parramatta Council Elections

Lindsay Peters, Epping Ward

A family man and father of six, Lindsay has lived in Eastwood for over 20 years. His interests include piano and native gardens. After completing a Ph. D. in Maths, He moved into software engineering management and is currently the Chief Technical Officer of an Australian software company developing medical expert systems.

He joined the Greens in 2001 after the Liberals and Labor disgraced themselves in refusing asylum to the Tampa refugees. He has been a Greens candidate in several Federal and State elections and is committed to the Greens principles of sustainability, social justice, democracy and non-violence.