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Real action on climate change

Renewable EnergyHuman induced climate change poses the greatest threat to our world, and urgent and sustained local, national and global action is required now to ensure a safe climate. The scientific evidence is unequivocal: average world temperatures are increasing and it’s mainly due to an increase in human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide and methane.

There is an urgent need to both reduce emissions to limit the severity of climate change and to proactively plan for a more hostile climate. The economic, social and environmental consequences of delaying action are so dangerous that immediate action is needed. Reducing emissions in the decade to 2020 is critical.

NSW is a wealthy state and ideally placed to take a lead in addressing climate change rather than being one of the largest per capita contributors. Climate change presents NSW with an opportunity to become a world leader in the development, manufacture, use and export of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Thousands of new jobs, particularly in rural and regional areas, can be created by prioritising investment in low carbon technologies.

Read more about our climate change policy on The Greens NSW website.

Affordable housing for every Australian

We believe every person has the right to access affordable, safe, secure, healthy, community-oriented housing that is appropriately designed, constructed and located, and environmentally responsible.

Access to this housing is a crucial determinant of health and wellbeing and is an important precondition for social participation and gaining access to other social services. Increases in the values of land and housing should be in line with increases in the general cost of living with legislative measures to eliminate profit-driven speculative investment in the housing sector and to limit rises in housing costs.

It is the responsibility of all levels of government to guarantee access to adequate, affordable and appropriate housing to meet current need and projected demand, thus stemming the growing social inequality in Australia. Government taxation policies and incentives relating to housing investment should be directed toward deliverable outcomes in the provision of affordable and appropriate housing, including the construction of new housing and the increase in affordable rental properties.

Read more about our housing and homelessness policy on The Greens NSW website.


Building a better Australia

The Greens NSW have over 50 separate policies, covering a comprehensive range of community concerns, from industrial relations, health, education and justice through to energy and climate change, forests and wilderness, and water.

This is our commitment to a state that responds to the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing quality public education, health and transport and securing the natural environment.

These polices have been developed by the membership of The Greens NSW. We are proud of our democratic processes in which each member has the opportunity to help shape the direction of the party.

Our full list of state-level policies can be found on The Greens NSW website including: