Keep Eastwood Park: A submission from Lindsay Peters

The NSW government is planning for additional commuter parking at Eastwood Station and is currently looking for feedback from residents. Read this excellent submission written by one of the Ryde-Epping Greens members, Lindsay Peters, then submit your own using our submission form below or email

Dear Transport NSW planning,

If there are only these two options on the table, then I would strongly advocate for the multi-storey car park above the existing bus interchange.

As the population of Eastwood and surrounding areas is increasing, we need more green areas, not less. A raised, synthetic playing field is no substitute for what is a heavily used and much appreciated playing field and recreational area in Eastwood. This natural, green area is an irreplaceable community resource and should be preserved for the wellbeing and health of residents, school children and community groups. There are several large and regular community events (e.g. Granny Smith festival) where the community is brought together on this playing field.

The green areas in our communities are important water catchment areas and reduce runoff into our stormwater system. Apart from the environmental loss of a natural playing field, a synthetic field is known to be much less safe than grass for soccer/football players.

Hence, the multi-storey car park over the existing bus interchange is by far the better option of the two proposals as it achieves the goal of more commuter car spaces without destroying this beautiful green area which is an irreplaceable community and environmental resource.


  • The roof of the multi-storey car park (and Eastwood library) should be fitted out with solar panels in order to offset (to some extent) the use of commuter cars and the carbon pollution they generate. Note that this would NOT be possible in the proposed plan for a car park over Eastwood oval.
  • There should be more than the proposed five disabled parking spots, which is only the required minimum, to take into account the aging population of Eastwood.
  • There should be space for at least 20 motor scooters/motor bikes, as well as a large push bike lockup area, as this is a much more efficient use of parking space than cars, and commuters would be far more inclined to make a short trip to the station by motor scooter/push bike if there were appropriate parking available.
  • There should be at least 10 spaces for electric vehicles with free charging units, in order to encourage the use of environmentally-sensitive cars.

There are two other options which have not been put in the proposal, and to my mind either of these options would be far superior to the ones proposed:

  1. There is already a three-level car park on Lakeside Rd stretching between Glen St and Hillview Ln which is quite close to the station. The space that this existing car park takes up is substantial and is greatly underutilised. The capacity of this existing car park could be vastly increased with a few more levels, and with NO negative community or environmental impacts. Pedestrian access between the station and the car park could easily be improved by a covered walkway and better pedestrian crossings. Consideration should also be given to converting Progress Ave into a mall (as was so successfully done with part of Rowe St) which would further improve pedestrian access to the station and promote community stalls and activities and hence the amenity of this suburb.
  2. More frequent feeder buses in the morning and afternoon peak commuter times between the station and the larger nearby housing areas would largely offset the need for more car parking at the station, and this would be a much more efficient and environmentally responsible way of assisting people to get from their homes to and from the station. It would also reduce the need for many families to buy a second car just to get to the station. Conversely, even more car traffic around the station on West Pde which would be the inevitable consequence of a car parking station near the station itself, would further hinder the flow of buses. That is, either of the two car park options that are currently proposed would actually slow down the flow of buses that are already ferrying commuters to and from the station and so make the whole system less efficient.

My family and I have been a resident of Eastwood for over 20 years. Thank you for providing the opportunity for feedback on this issue.

Lindsay Peters

Inspired by Lindsay’s submission? Now write your own! Transport NSW are looking for feedback by 5pm Sunday May 7, 2017 so use our submission form below (a copy of your feedback will also be sent to Ryde-Epping Greens) or email