Stop the Stop Work Order

New Heart of Ryde – Give Us Our Civic and Cultural Centre

A few days ago, the Ryde Civic Centre was supposed to be demolished so we can build the New Ryde Civic Centre, with more community space and public land for community groups to hold events, host concerts, and support local culture. A zeroth-hour 40-day Stop Work Order, placed by Heritage Council Chair Frank Howarth at the behest of private developers, has put the project at risk.

Developers think that by stalling the project, our community will give up, roll over, and let developers plant even more apartments on one of the last community spaces in Ryde. We need to prove them wrong.

Sign the petition below if you want to put a stop to the Stop Work Order. We’ll pass on exactly how you feel to Mr. Howarth.

New Heart of Ryde - Stop the Stop Work Order - Give Us Our Civic and Cultural Centre

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The New Heart of Ryde